OneBus Geschäftsbedingungen

In effect since 01/01/2019

Art.1 – Obligations of the Transporter
Art.2 – Information
Art.3 – Obligations of the Passenger
Art.4 – Travel Tickets
Art.5 – Refund of Travel Tickets
Art.6 – Limits of Responsibility
Art.7 – Baggage transport


The Onebus S.r.l. hereinafter referred to as Carrier, carries passengers in a national and international context. The published times could be subject to variations, such as the exercise program of all lines which in turn could be subject to reductions / changes during Christmas, New Year and Easter, therefore travelers are asked to request further confirmation at the time of booking.


The Carrier guarantees the information on its services. This information is disclosed by the Official Time in real time on the www.onebus.it website.

At the authorized ticket offices and through the call centers in Italy +39 0942981409 / +39 03621850590 and in Germany +49 221613854 you can get the following information:

  • Schedules, Rates and promotions in progress
  • Conditions for the carriage of additional baggage
  • Availability of on-board services
  • Reductions and modifications of lines or suppression of trips, etc.
  • Procedures for complaints, cancellation of tickets and refunds
  • On the present travel conditions


The Traveler:

3.1. He must observe all the prescriptions, in subject of Police, health, Customs, etc.

3.2. From 14 to 17 years of age traveling unaccompanied on international services, he must be provided with an identification document, with the signed parental authorization attached (the authorization form can be found and downloaded from the site www.onebus.it under the authorization for minors)

3.3. He must show an identity document to the control personnel in order to ascertain the right to the reduction, if it has been applied.

3.4. He must verify that the data indicated on the ticket (the date of the trip, the time, the fare, the place of departure and arrival) coincide with his request.

3.5. You must remain seated with your seat belt fastened when the bus is moving as required by law. In addition, for parents with children with an age that requires a seat, they must provide the appropriate safety devices for the child, to the crew who will arrange for their accommodation.

3.6. You must not smoke on board the bus, both in the passenger compartment and in the Toilette.

3.7. Must respect the times set by drivers during stops.

3.8. You are directly responsible to the Carrier for any damage caused to the buses; in the event of voluntary damage The carrier reserves the right to file a legal report.

3.9. He must use all necessary precautions and be vigilant, as far as he can depend on the safety and security of his own person and of the persons or baggage that are in his custody.

3.10. You can use the mobile phone under conditions that do not disturb both the crew and other travelers.

3.11. It is not admitted to the trip and during the same can be removed, without any right to a refund of the amount paid for the ticket, if:

  • You represent a danger to the safety of the service and of the travelers
  • Rrrechi disturb other travelers
  • If alcohol or drugs are used and therefore show psychomotor problems


The ticket is issued by OneBus Srl with legal headquarters in Viale Santuario No. 20 Seregno (MB), and accepted by the Traveler, whose name is (are) mentioned in the same, which is not transferable and it is valid only for the trip described therein and subject to the terms and conditions described below:


A.1 The validity of the return ticket is 6 months (six) starting from the date of departure, only in the case of reduced prices the validity will be affixed to the ticket in the reserved space (validity)
< br /> A.2 Tickets without the cover are not valid, except for tickets purchased online or from a ticket office or agency, which use the web for issuing the same

A.3 If the traveler does not have a ticket or has a non-compliant ticket, the crew is not obliged to board it.

A.4 At the time of inspection by the service personnel, the traveler is required to show the ticket intact in all its parts and only the service personnel is authorized to remove the coupons that are found inside the ticket < br />
A.5 The service personnel is obliged to return to travelers the coupons that have been incorrectly detached and to put a note on them.

A.5 If the ticket was purchased through the web or at other travel agencies, the same may not comply with the original titles, but must contain the same information (name, surname, date of departure, place of departure, place arrival address, complete stamp of the issuing office address) to be valid.


B.1 Reservations can be made: online from the website www.onebus.it, through the Call Center at 0942/981409 – 0362/1850590 (Italy) 069/236249 – 0221/613854 (Germany).

B.2 Seat reservation is mandatory, therefore, travelers are required to make a seat reservation sufficiently in advance of departure. It is also possible to buy bus tickets on board at the stop.

B.3 Travelers who purchase the round-trip ticket are obliged to communicate the return date, if possible at the time the ticket is issued, if this does not occur at least 7 days before the return journey to one of the booking offices. . If the traveler has established the return date, he must in any case reconfirm at least 3 days before departure.

B.4 If the traveler has not communicated the data referred to in point 2.2, the Carrier does not guarantee the place on the return journey for the date requested by the traveler, but will offer a possible alternative date. If it is not possible for the traveler to accept, the Carrier will reimburse the relative ticket fee withholding a penalty equal to 20% of the unused.


C.1 The traveler must arrive at the departure point and time established by the Carrier with sufficient notice (at least 15 minutes before) in order to allow the loading of baggage and passengers without causing any delay.

C.2 If the traveler is not present at the starting point as established in the previous point C.1, the Carrier is not obliged to reimburse the amount of the ticket and any expenses.


4.1 If the traveler renounces the trip, he must comply with the following conditions, if the cancellations will take place:

  1. From booking up to 24 hours before departure you will have to pay an amount equal to 50% of the cost of the ticket. If the passenger accepts the reimbursement via coupon, he will be able to use it of the full amount for a future trip.
  2. From 24 hours at the time of departure, the traveler will no longer be entitled to any type of refund, except, upon presentation of documentary evidence for cases of force majeure not attributable to the same, a refund is expected, not monetary but in the form of coupon equal to the amount granted, to be used for future departures.
  3. In the event that the passenger tests positive for Covid19, upon sending documentary evidence, from booking up to 60 minutes before departure he will have the right to change the departure date by paying a penalty of €5 in addition to the difference in ticket cost.
  4. The Carrier reserves the right to modify, cancel timetables, journeys or itineraries if proven needs make it indispensable.


5.1 If the traveler requests a refund of the ticket, he must follow the following methods:

  • The refund request must be received within 24 hours before the scheduled departure, and forwarded to the company’s refund office by e-mail info@onebus.it attaching a copy of the ticket to the refund form that the passenger can download from the site. www.onebus.it under Information / Refunds
  • The refund can be paid in cash or in the form of a coupon.
  • The coupon which is formed by an alpha numeric code, is valid for 12 months and can be used in whole or in part until the sum of its value is reached;
  • The monetary refund will be made within 30 days of the traveler’s request, received by email.

N.B. If the traveler does not make a request for a refund by e-mail, any form of payment will lapse.


6.1 The liability of the carrier for each traveler is limited to the insurance policy in effect at the time the damage occurs, and in any case in compliance with the provisions of EU Regulation 181/2011

6.2 In the case of damage caused to passengers due to the carrier’s liability, the claims must be made at the company that performed the service at the date of the damage, by registered letter within the maximum deadline allowed by the current regulations prescribed by the EU Regulation 181/2011. Therefore, travelers are invited when the damage occurs, to inquire through the traveling personnel, of the name and address of the carrier.

6.3 It is excluded any liability on the part of the Carrier for damages caused by delays, the suspension of a journey or the loss of a connection, for reasons not attributable to it such as: strikes and demonstrations, adverse weather conditions and natural disasters, terrorist acts, road blockages and improbability, checks by police or customs authorities, vehicle breakdowns. Subject to the provisions of EU Regulation 181/2011

6.4 The traveler, on international routes, is required to read up on the requirements of foreign countries that will be crossed, including the country of final destination.

6.5 The carrier assumes no responsibility towards travelers who do not comply with the requirements set out in point 6.4


7.1 In order to facilitate the identification of your baggage, the traveler is obliged to put his name, address and place of destination on the checked baggage. It is also recommended to include a copy of the label inside the luggage.

7.2 The traveler is obliged to lock his luggage to prevent accidental opening during transport.

7.3 Each traveler can carry a maximum of two pieces of the total weight of 30 kg and a maximum size of 140 cm (length + depth + width) in accordance with European standards, which he will deliver to the traveling personnel, who will register and store it in the a special baggage carrier, in addition the traveler is authorized to carry a small hand luggage of the maximum size 55 + 45 + 25, and must not exceed 10 kg, which will arrange it for him in the appropriate compartment inside the passenger compartment of the bus or under your seat, and it will be your care to avoid loss or damage.
For the excess of the weight of the baggage beyond 30 kg, and any additional baggage, they can be transported, compatibly with the capacity of the special baglio space, upon payment of 2.00 euros per kg and authorization by the central office. The amount must be paid upon boarding to the crew, and a receipt will be issued against this.

7.4 For the carriage of checked baggage, travelers are required to pay an insurance fee of € 2.00 per piece of luggage. The aforementioned fee must be paid in cash, upon delivery of the baggage to the personnel in charge. The ticket and the baggage will be provided with a registration number and the receipt will be delivered to the passenger. Upon arrival, the checked baggage will be delivered by the assigned personnel against return of the receipt. Passengers who claim rights due to the loss or damage of their checked baggage must immediately report the damage to the crew, who will deliver a complaint form to be sent to, Onebus S.r.l. Viale Santuario Complaints Office, 20 – 20831 Seregno MB, together with the numbered receipt as proof of baggage delivery, no later than 3 Months from the date on which the service was provided or should have been provided by A / R. If the crew is without it, the aforementioned form can be downloaded from the site www.onebus.it on the Forms / Baggage page.
Checked baggage is insured in accordance with the provisions of EU Regulation 181/2011.

7.5 The carrier does not assume responsibility for the transport of: fragile or perishable items, money, jewelery, silverware and precious metals in general, securities, credit instruments, shares and other negotiable or similar securities as well as documents that can be traded or office , equipment in general (stereo systems of any kind, electronic games of any kind, computers and accessories, mobile and fixed telephones, both digital and non-digital video cameras), sample books, passports and other identity documents, as well as medical equipment (meters for blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) dental equipment in general, foodstuffs of any kind, if found in the traveler’s checked baggage; we therefore recommend that you take out an additional baggage insurance policy at one of the many insurance companies.
For any information you can contact your local travel agency.

7.6 The carrier is not responsible for damages caused by the luggage of other travelers, if it is caused

7.7 Traveling personnel and the carrier decline any responsibility for hand luggage, except when the traveler proves that the cause of the loss or damage is attributable to them. We therefore invite travelers to carefully monitor their hand luggage.

7.8 The transport of inflammable, explosive, corrosive, dangerous, contagious or harmful materials is absolutely prohibited.

7.9 It is absolutely forbidden to transport animals on board for all international routes.

For anything not regulated by these travel conditions, we will refer to the general conditions prescribed by the law on transport.